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The DNTC has a clear pathway for all of our junior and adult players to take their love of tennis as far as they can. We have many drill and matchplay sessions at every level - from beginners to seasoned pros. Our 'Player Evaluation Guide' is a helpful tool to ensure players are placed in an appropriate session with players of a similar calibre. Many of our leagues require an assessment to be eligible to register.

A one-time personal assessment is free to our members. $25 + tax for reassessments. Please contact our Director of Tennis, Gareth Dowdell to schedule an assessment.

1. Maintain a rally on ½ width doubles court for 1 minute
2. Players start on opposing baselines
3. Rally must include a mix of FH’s & BH’s


SCORING: (2 Attempts, best score)
• Player #1 hits ball to player #2 to begin rally. Players must rally for one minute starting with the
1st ball hit by player #2. If a mistake is made, restart the point but the feed does not count
• Points are only gained if a player hits a ‘quality rally’ ball (one that is rising to their opponent)
• If a player is being assessed by a coach an individual score is half of these numbers



1. Player starts behind the baseline in serve position
2. Serve 3 serves to the deuce court (1 serve aiming for
each Wide, Body, and ‘T’ target areas) and then 3 serves
to the ad side. This sequence is repeated 3 times for a total
of 18 serves


SCORING: (2 Attempts, best score)
• Score 1 point for every serve landing in the appropriate target area
• A bonus ‘power point’ is awarded if the serve lands beyond the power markers before bouncing a second time
• Server gets 2 attempts at serving 18 balls and the best score out of a possible full 36 points is recorded
• The serve does not score a point if:
-The serve lands outside the target area.
-The serve's 2nd bounce lands inside the baseline (use discretion)





1. Coach feeds 3 balls to player (approach/volley/overhead)
2. Approach must keep the coach behind the baseline
3. Volley must keep the coach behind the baseline
4. Overhead must have 2nd bounce land past the baseline


SCORING: (2 Attempts, best score)
• Player gets one point if they appropriately complete the
3 shot sequence (approach, volley, overhead).
• 3 attempts on the FH side and 3 attempts on the BH side
• Best score out of a possible 6 is recorded
• The player does not get a score if:
- The ball lands outside the designated area
- The groundstroke player is forced to come into the court in front of the baseline