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Key to a long life

Gareth Dowdell - Thursday, April 14, 2016

Has anybody seen the article on the elderly woman I have placed in the lobby? Jeanette Brown from Truro has lived to a ripe old age of 107. She recently celebrated her birthday and asked what the key to a long life is. Her words of wisdom, "People just need to be nice to one another. Kindness is the key to a long life." Next time you are in I invite you take a moment to read about her take on life. Here I thought playing tennis was the secret to a longer life.

So, the next time you are playing remember these words of wisdom from Jeanette and stop play early enough to sweep your court and clean your lines for the next group. Everybody wants to start playing when they are scheduled. Refer to the clocks in the bubble for the changeover time so that we are all changing together and we will all be playing together for a long long time.


Jeff Domm