Camp Guidelines

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REFUND POLICY: (Please read carefully)

Camp registration must be paid in full at time of enrolment. Cancellation notice must be received a mimimum of 14 days prior to the first day of camp to qualify for a refund.  Refund will be processed for the full amount of the fee paid, less an administrative charge of 10%.  We will credit your DNTC account for the full amount of the fee paid, less and administrative charge of 10% up to 7 days before the program start date.  Any cancellations recieved within 7 days of the program start date will not receive a credit or refund. Some camps may be cancelled due to insufficient registrants.  Please register early. If a camper cannot participate due to medical reasons, it must be  substantiated by a medical certificate. All camp refunds must be approved by a DNTC Manager. Please allow up to 3 business days for processing.

DNTC Camps Guidelines

Please ensure your child comes prepared to play. We ask that all campers arrive every day with the following items:

1. Water bottle

2. Snacks for half-day camps and lunch for full-day camp. (Some parents will need to sign a waiver in their child is allowed to go to Tim Horton's or Subway for lunch items. At no time are students allowed off premise without written consent and are not allowed any further then these two destinations.)

3. Campers should wear comfortable clothing including shorts and tennis shoes. Campers are not allowed to wear flipflops or sandals.

4. Campers occasionally go outside to play in the field so we ask they bring a hat for sun protection. DNTC will supply sunscreen.

We follow a zero tolerance guideline towards violence and bullying so all kids feel safe. Please review the following policies with your child, as this is what helps us ensure everybody's safety. You are asked to discuss the rules of the camp with your child and then upon check-in for camp week you will be asked to sign a document that states you and your child understand the rules of the facility.

RULE #1- Respect DNTC staff and DNTC property

RULE #2 - Respect one another and yourself

RULE #3 - Participate in activities, be involved

RULE #4 - Use appropriate language at all times. Verbal abuse is forbidden.

DNTC works with the guideline of the Tennis Professional Association and the handling of discipline.

First warning is given along with an explanation as to why the behaviour is inappropriate. If the behaviour continues, it will be followed by the following disciplinary action:

  • If it occurs again, the participant will sit out of an activity for a period of time (i.e TIME OUT).
  • If it occurs again they will sit out the whole activity. The parents will be notified at pick-up of the inappropriate behaviour / OR
  • The camp leader has the right to arrange with the parent for the child to leave the camp for the rest of the day.
  • If it continues, a phone call will be made to the parents to discuss the behaviour and their attendance may be suspended for a whole day.
  • If the participant's behaviour shows no improvement, ultimately he/she may be asked to withdraw form the camp.
  • If you have any questions, please call the Welcome Desk for help at 902-423-3682.

    We look forward to having your children participant in our summer camp program.