Loyalty Program

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Purchase 10 sessions of programming and get the 11th session for free!

If you participate in our Adult Programming, then the LOYALTY PROGRAM is a great way to earn your way to FREE TENNIS INSTRUCTION!

Choose from DNTC unique programming like:

1. Feeding Frenzy or Stroke of the Week or Net Ninja or Big Aces at $20.00 plus HST

2. Discount Drills or Kids Games for Adults at $ 10.00 plus HST 

3. Cardio Tennis at $15.00 plus HST

4. Born to Volley at $25.00 plus HST


The Loyalty Program is for sessions at the same price point. If you buy 10 programs at $10.00 price point you cannot

use it for Feeding Frenzy, or Born to Volley.

* Please note Social Tennis is not included in the Loyalty Program. 

To sign up, visit us in person, or call the welcome desk at (902)423-3682