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Programming Opportunities and Online Booking

Gareth Dowdell - Wednesday, April 08, 2015

When will this Winter end? By April I expected the birds to be chirping and everyone to have a spring (pun intended) in their step. Instead the crows are cackling down at us and the only steps we have are buried in snow.

DNTC is doing its best to spread some cheer while Old Man Winter mocks us:

-Cardio Tennis: Wednesday 12pm

-Born to Volley: Monday/Wednesday/Friday 1-2:30pm

-Beat the Pro: Wednesday 10am

-Feeding Frenzy: Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday 7pm, Thursday 7:30pm, Saturday 12pm

Many of you have already logged on to our online booking system. If you have any questions we have a FAQ page on our website. Check that out first and if you still need help contact me at

Good luck to everyone registered for the Master's Tournament this weekend!

Gareth Dowdell
Assistant Manager