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Resort Week

Gareth Dowdell - Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Since summer is silently making its presence felt around the HRM, here at DNTC we all began reminiscing about times spent in the beaming sun. And since most of us can't be in Florida or Jamaica right now, we wanted to do our best to bring the resort to you.

Resort Week at DNTC will take place June 8-12 and provide a true tennis getaway experience, all without the stress of packing, airport delays, and speeding cab drivers. You can register for a single session or the whole week. The choice is yours. Check out the schedule on our website here:

A big thank you to everybody that took part our first ever Club Champs last weekend. Congratulations to winners Chris Ryan, Therese Inkpen, Ernie Harnett, Stephen O'Neill, Maria Jackman and Tish Dunn. Your names are currently being inscribed on the DNTC Wall of Fame.   


Gareth Dowdell