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Yearly Membership Options - 2018 Season

Adult Player Card Memberships



Family Pricing

2 adults, and all children living in the same household, add $219 to yearly fee for Player 80, 50, and 30 options. Monthly payment increases by (TBD) per month plus HST. Family members include children under the age of 25 and/or students enrolled in college programs. No additional fees for children. Family Pricing not available with the Player Unlimited option.

Junior All-Inclusive Membership

-Beginning July 1, 2017, DNTC will provide all Academy players with a Junior All-Inclusive Membership: players don't pay any court fees, and have same day court booking privileges. Juniors must participate in at least 2 days a week to be eligible for this membership.              

-Any other U18 junior players (non-members) are subject only to the court fee - no guest fees.  

The Fine Print*

  • PLAYER CARD membership plans provide membership and court time for a 12-month period.
  • 12 monthly credit card payments are made regardless of when playing privileges are used. Therefore, payments cannot be delayed due to travel plans.
  • Members cancelling Player Card memberships due to injury or other emergency situations are responsible for the value of membership and court time used to the date of cancellation at DNTC list rates.
  • All memberships include a membership to the Truro Cougar Dome (Regular court fees apply).
  • Penalty for no-show court booking is full court cost applied to credit card at end of month.
  • Court time within any memberships cannot be used for programming. Regular programming fees apply.
  • All block booking subject to management approval.
  • Membership prices do not include HST.
STANDARD COURT FEES WITHOUT PLAYER CARD SAVINGS. Prime Time and Non-Prime Time hours listed below.



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