Private Lessons

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Private Lessons

 Cost below is total cost - not individual cost.

   Private Semi-Private  Group of 3  Group of 4+ 
Instructor  $49  $59  $69  $79 
Club Pro 1 $54 $64  $74  $84 
Coach 2/Club Pro 2 $59  $69  $79  $89 
Coach 3/Club Pro 3  $64  $74  $84  $94 

To set up a lesson please call the welcome desk at 902-423-3682

Video Analysis

Have you ever listened to your recorded voice and thought 'that's not me'. Watching yourself hit tennis balls is a little like that. You often have no idea what you look like when you play tennis, and more importantly, what your strokes actually look like.

Details: You receive a detailed video created by our coaching staff analyzing each stroke and pinpointing specific areas for improvement.

See an excerpt from a recent analysis below. 

Cost: $49 (+HST)