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YOU VISIT US - Certified Tennis Instruction at Daniel Nestor Tennis Centre
- Certified Tennis Instruction at your school

 The Daniel Nestor Tennis Centre (DNTC) has been visiting schools throughout HRM for the past 4 years. We have taught at elementary, junior high and high school locations with programming that is designed by Tennis Canada and the Professional Tennis Registry. All of our instructors are full time professionals teaching all levels of tennis.

To overcome sport participation barriers to students the Daniel Nestor Tennis Centre has created a school program for any school in promoting physical activity through tennis. By improving the health of our youth now we have a greater chance of producing healthier, active adults in the future. The DNTC encourages and rewards participation in school sports across the province and strives to promote healthy active living among students giving them access to tennis.

This initiative meets the needs of the schools and offers new activities to physical education teachers who want to add variety to their program. Classrooms are full of kids who play the mainstream sports. The Daniel Nestor Tennis Centre is all about introducing the game of tennis as a lifelong sport. As kids see the value of playing tennis the option of pathways to university become a reality.

Consider a class-trip to the Daniel Nestor Tennis Centre:
The Daniel Nestor Tennis Center will host a three hour outing. The students will learn basic skills necessary to play tennis games that promote skill development and team work. Session ends with a mini fun tournament. Students should wear sneakers and comfortable gym cloths such as track pants, or shorts. A water bottle and lunch are also recommended.

Consider our Instructors coming to your school:

The Daniel Nestor Tennis Center travels to you and coaches full classes. Instructor and all equipment is supplied. One hour per group. FREE ONE HOUR EVENT. CALL FOR PRICING ON FULL DAYS

If you would like to discuss pricing please email our Community Development Tennis Professional Dave Green at Or, contact us at 902-423-3682 or our website at
If you would like to have a printout with all of this information, you can do so by clicking on the link provided here, to access the pdf.