Singles Ladder

 DNTC Singles Ladder - Rules and Regulations

How to Enter: Please email your name and rating to

There are four ladder divisions: Open, Advanced, Intermediate and Junior. 

Format: Players are arranged in a pyramid structure with the TOP DOG at the top of the pyramid. There are two players in the next level, three in the next level after that, four in the next level after that, and so on. Players can only challenge someone who is in the same level as them, or in the level directly above them. If they beat a player in the level above, they move up and the person they beat moves down a level. If they lose, everything stays the same.

Challenges: Players should email players they wish to challenge. Players must accept a challenge and agree upon a time to play within 7 days. After this period, if the person challenged is unable to arrange a time to play they forfeit the match. If neither party can agree upon a time to play, nothing happens.

Email List: An email list with everyone’s contact will be sent to each participant at the start of each season. This is how to communicate with and challenge other players.

Frequency: Players can challenge and play as often as they like. However, players are only required to accept one challenge per week.

Length: The DNTC singles ladder runs 4 times per year: Winter (Dec-Feb), Spring (Mar-May), Summer (Jun-Aug) and Fall (Sep-Nov).

Matches: Matches will be whatever is agreed upon between the two players. It could be a timed one-hour match, best of 3 sets, 8 game pro set, etc. If players cannot agree on a format, the match will be a one hour timed match. If matches are tied when time is up, the player being challenged retains their spot, challengers must beat their opponent to move up.

Results: The challenger should email the results of a successful challenge to within 24 hours of the victory.

Updates: The singles ladder will be updated on the website each Monday.

Winter Ladders (updated January 5)


Top Dog: Phil Anderson            
Level 2: Gareth Dowdell, Luke Saunders
                               Level 3: Andrew Oxner, Adam Becker, Stefan Hall                                     
Level 4: Justin McDonough, Rob Weatherston, Chris Matthews, Dave Anderson
Level 5: Dan Lopez, Jordan Lipstock, Glenn Hubbard, Evan Crealy, Andrew McFarlane
Level 6: Steve Theriault, Thomas Wallace, Dan O'Connor, Peter Dietrich, Sam Minor, Kevin Colvey 


Top Dog: Rob Poole
Level 2: Colin Piercey, Sean Waring               
Level 3: Matt Sawler, Lyle Goldberg, Garth Smedley                         
Level 4: Paul Lucas, Eddy Maskine, Fernando Moncayo, Maria Jackman
    Level 5: Kelly Dawe, Vicky Wolfe, Eva P, Fred Kingston, Jerry White, Linda Dodds, Paul McIntyre            
                Level 6: Deb Fraser, Johanne Leger, Michael Abraham, Cindy Wheeler, Jim Ritcey, John Cathcart, Scott Sangster                                                                                                                                                      

                                                                                         Top Dog: Roy Palaco                                                                                                                           Level 2: David O'Laughlin, Rodney Bona              
Level 3: Billy Druker, Darren Caseley, Joe Szostak
Level 4: Steve Jansz, Cecile Chavy, Marie Bourinot, John Moakes             
       Level 5: Dianne Gordey, Paige Howard, Angelica Silva, Mikayla Greening, Diana Harrison, Larry Chen                         


Top Dog: Thomas Wallace
Level 2: Will Nickerson, Eric Liu
Level 3: Niket Sampalli, Matthew Piercey, Lauchlan McDonough
Level 4: Matt Shaw, Anthony Shaw, Alex Comeau, Brandon Trider
Level 5: Logan Fanning, Harrison Ingham, Sachin Gupta, Alex Capris, Gryffin Minor            
Level 6: Max Mir, Nico Mir, Will Hardman, Hamza Eltoukhi, Zach Verboom, Griffin McDonough, Tim Safine                         
Level 7: Kieryn Minor, Reese Weatherston, Jack Foerster, Pascale St Peters                         
Level 8: Hussein Hamroush, Taylor Lane, Ryan Murphy, Alex Mir, Esme MacGillivray, Logan Swinamer
Level 9: Owen MacGillivray, Leo Hanada, John Fitzpatrick, Sam Downs, Jack Comeau, Jake Sangster, Owen Sangster, Bram St Peters