Singles Ladder

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 DNTC Singles Ladder - Rules and Regulations

How to Enter: Please email your name and rating to

Format: Players are arranged in order from strongest to weakest. Players can challenge up to 4 spots ahead of them. If they win they trade places with them.            

Challenges: Players should email players they wish to challenge. Players must accept a challenge and agree upon a time to play within 7 days. After this period, if the person challenged is unable to arrange a time to play they forfeit the match. If neither party can agree upon a time to play, nothing happens.

Email List: An email list with everyone’s contact will be sent to each participant at the start of each season. This is how to communicate with and challenge other players.

Frequency: Players can challenge and play as often as they like. However, players are only required to accept one challenge per week.

Length: The DNTC singles ladder runs 4 times per year: Winter (Dec-Feb), Spring (Mar-May), Summer (Jun-Aug) and Fall (Sep-Nov).

Matches: Matches will be whatever is agreed upon between the two players. It could be a timed one-hour match, best of 3 sets, 8 game pro set, etc. If players cannot agree on a format, the match will be a one hour timed match. If matches are tied when time is up, the player being challenged retains their spot, challengers must beat their opponent to move up.

Results: The challenger should email the results of a successful challenge to within 24 hours of the victory.

Updates: The singles ladder will be updated on the website each Monday.

Spring Ladder (updated April 16) 

Sam Minor
Rob Poole 
Colin Piercey
Kevin Colvey
Sean Waring
Derek Ross            
Matt Sawler
Allison Sutherland
Colin Sutherland
Ryan Huggett            
Lyle Goldberg
Garth Smedley 
Paul Lucas
Eddy Maskine
Maria Jackman
Fernando Moncoyo 
Stephen O'Neill              
Fred Kingston
Jerry White
Linda Dodds
Paul McIntyre
Vicky Wolfe
Johanne Leger
Eva P 
Roy Palaco
Kelly Dawe
Cindy Wheeler   
Jim Ritcey
John Cathcart
David O'Laughlin             
Michael Abraham 
Scott Sangster
Dave Sexton                          
Deb Fraser
Billy Druker
Rodney Bona                       
Stephen Lockyer
Joe Szostak 
Darren Caseley            
Cecile Chavy
George Ryan
Marie Bourinot
John Moakes
Dianne Gordey
Angelica Silva
Ellen Gaudet
Mikayla Greening
Diana Harrison
Larry Chen
Karen Koppernaes