Summer League


This summer the Daniel Nestor Tennis Centre is pleased to announce the Nova Scotia Tennis League for junior players 12 and under. This league is designed to create team tennis for youth during the summer months and gives families an alternative to other sports like soccer and baseball teams. Weekly practices and tournament play at DNTC, Truro Tennis Club and the Waegwoltic Club give players the opportunity to visit a number of other clubs, meet other players and experience a team environment tournament.

A big part of this leagues success is parent or guardian involvement. Just like soccer and baseball, coaching or managing a team requires volunteers. The Daniel Nestor Tennis Centre will act as the organizing committee with Gareth Dowdell as the liaison for teams.


Clubs taking part in 2017: DNTC (2 teams), The Waeg (2 teams), Truro TC (1 team).

Cost: The cost for each team is $200 (divided by the players) to cover new balls, fees and administration costs. Each club is welcome to arrange team shirts if they wish.

Age: U12 - all players born in 2005 or later are eligible for this competition.

Teams: Each team will play 4 singles matches (best of 3 with super tiebreak for a 3rd set) and 2 doubles matches (first to 8, tiebreak at 7-7), so teams will consist of anywhere from 4-8 players plus reserves. Singles players will be ranked 1-4, and doubles teams ranked 1-2 according to ability. The highest ranked singles player playing doubles must play #1 doubles.

Balls: The home team will provide 4 sets of new balls for each tie. The team manager (volunteer parent) will arrange this.

Team Lists: Team Lists must be submitted to the organizer prior to the start of competition. Players must either belong to the club or take lessons at the club. Each player must be arranged in order of ability. Where possible, Roger’s Rankings will be used to designate what number on the team a player will play. If a player doesn’t have a ranking, the team captain (parent volunteer) may use their discretion.

Format: Teams receive a point for each match won, and two additional points for winning the tie. If teams are equal at 3 matches each at the end of play, a countback of sets, and then games will determine a winner. If both teams are still equal each team will receive an extra point. After each team has played the other 4 teams home and away, we will have a Final at DNTC August 20.

Time: Each tie will take place Thursday evenings at 5pm. This is so we do not conflict with tournaments/events. Doubles matches will be played first, followed by singles. Each venue should designate (at least) two courts for competition from 5pm-8pm. The exception to this is the round robin matches and final scheduled August 19/20 at DNTC.

Wet Weather: If weather is looking inclement - teams may decide to relocate their match to DNTC. If they are not able to play, each team will receive 3 points.

Results/Standings: Results and Standings will be posted on the DNTC website on the Friday after each tie.

Note: No matches will be scheduled the week of Junior Atlantics (July 13).


Date        Team 1        Team 2         Venue      
June 29  DNTC #1 Waeg #2 Waeg
  DNTC #2 Waeg #1 DNTC
  Truro BYE  
July 6  DNTC #2 DNTC #1 DNTC
  Truro Waeg #2 Waeg
  Waeg #1 BYE  
 July 20 Truro DNTC #2 Truro
  Waeg #1 DNTC #1 Waeg
  Waeg #2 BYE  
 July 27 Waeg #1 Truro Truro
  Waeg #2 DNTC #2 Waeg
  DNTC #1 BYE  
 August 3 Waeg #1 Waeg #2 Waeg
  DNTC #1 Truro Truro
  DNTC #2 BYE  
 August 10 DNTC #1 Waeg #2 DNTC
  DNTC #2 Waeg #1 Waeg
  Truro BYE  
 August 17 DNTC #1 DNTC #2 DNTC
  Truro Waeg #2 Truro
  Waeg #2 BYE  
 August 19 Truro DNTC #2 DNTC
  Waeg #1 DNTC #1 DNTC
  Waeg #2 BYE  
 August 19 Waeg #1 Truro DNTC
  Waeg #2  DNTC #2 DNTC
  DNTC #1 BYE  
 August 20 Waeg #1 Waeg #2 DNTC
  DNTC #1 Truro DNTC
  DNTC #2 BYE  
 August 20 - FINAL     DNTC